REDHAWK rh.DataConverter


The rh.DataConverter component is used to convert between BulkIO data types in REDHAWK. With proper configuration, the rh.DataConverter component can convert between any of the following data types; Char, Octet, Unsigned Short, Short, Float and Double. The rh.DataConverter component is also capable of converting real data into complex data, and similarly complex data to real data.


This asset requires the rh.fftlib shared library. This shared library must be installed in order to build and run this asset. To build from source, run the build.sh script. To install to $SDRROOT, run build.sh install. Note: root privileges (sudo) may be required to install.


To use the rh.DataConverter component, connect an input port to the desired input data stream that matches the input data type. Connect the output to the output port of the desired output type. Only one input port can be active at a time, but the data can be converted to multiple output types at the same time. If scaling is desired, fixed point output scaling can be enabled by the scaleOutput boolean. For floating point scaling or normalization, use the floatingPointRange and normalize_floating_point properties. The rh.DataConverter can also do real to complex and complex to real transformations. The output type (real/complex/passthrough) is controlled with the outputType property. If a transform is required, the properties controlling that transform are specified in the transformProperties property.