REDHAWK rh.FmRdsSimulator


Contains the source and build script for the REDHAWK rh.FmRdsSimulator device. This device is designed to be used in conjunction with the libRfSimulators library. Using the simulator library, this FRONTEND Interfaces compliant REDHAWK device will generate FM modulated mono or stereo audio with RDS encoded PI (Call Sign), PS (Short Text), and RT (Full Text) data.

Additional documentation is available within the libRfSimulators README.


This asset requires the libRfSimulators shared library, which must be installed in order to build and run this asset. To build and run from source, run the build.sh script. To install to $SDRROOT, run build.sh install.


The Simulator creates a processing thread for each station within the currently visible 2.28 Mhz bandwidth (even if bandwidth is set smaller). Since each of these threads is resampling a wav file, FM modulating, encoding RDS, and upsampling to 2.28 Msps a non-trivial amount of CPU is used.

FEI Compliance Test Results

See the FEI Compliance Results document.